Thursday, September 29, 2016

VODCAST #2 Music Industry

A vodcast on the change in Music Videos over the years. There has been a lot of other changes to the music industry such as merchandise and how that has changed to become more then just T-Shirt and mugs. There is also the change of physical copies of music and how its gone digital.


  1. The Austerlitz book is worth looking at before you get to the related Evaluation question - try a simple index search in it for one thing.
    Your pitch video also showed a no-no for vodcasts which you've done here: DON'T leave black screen. Leave a visual on until the topic changes. Moving image, limited to keep within fair usage copyright, helps.
    This is a useful vodcast, but its short duration reflects the lack of detail. You will need to explore many more issues in reasonable detail: when you mention Vevo, who are they? Figures on YouTube etc and the argument over underpayment? What did MTV change to? Vinyl and figures on sales growth? Examples of contemporary vinyl releases? Examples of artists strategies for monetizing, and detail on how far CD revenues have collapsed? Much more to do - you'll find info on all this on my blog, but of course you can do your own research from scratch too.

  2. Important you tag posts too - you'll need these for finding material for the Eval, but also its evidence of use of techs, itself a specific Eval Q, AND of working with audience