Friday, September 2, 2016

MUSIC VIDEO Eg1: Pixies-Bagboy

Artist: Pixies
Album: Indie Cindy
Song: Bagboy
Released: 2014
Genre: Alternative rock/ Indie

Unlike most music videos this video didn't feature the band or anyone singing. Most music videos either show the band or have someone (not necessarily the main singer) sing the lyrics. Instead we see a young boy messing around.

Pixies are and indie band meaning they are independent and dont work with a company. This usually means that there budget for their music videos are smaller than someone working with a company like WMG (Warner Music Group). This is why the music video uses a hand-held camera as it is cheaper and also creates realism. The camera often follows the main character using a tracking shot, this is so the central protagonist is clearly established.

The band Pixies have been active for many years and therefor their music is listened to by long term fans and not appeal to a young audience. But because they would like to attract new and younger audiences the music video contained a lot of colors such as the cereal in the bathtub, the smoke and the balloons. This is to attract a wider audience then just their target audience who will already know the Pixies. Their TA would be in their 40s as the Pixies have been active sins the 80s.

The central protagonist in this video is a young boy who isn't very attractive to what you normally see in music video now. This fits with the indie genre as its meant to follow more realism. At the start of the music video you see the young boy with the bands name Pixies, This is an artistic way of showing the bands name instead of just text on the screen. The boy might signify the band at a young age because the bands name is on his forehead, trying to tell a story of how the band where trouble makers at a young age. The Name of the song also appears, but as big bold 3D letters in a children's park. The song title also explodes to appeal to a young audience and follows the mischievous theme.

The song follows a narrative, all though we dont know what shots come in what order but it shows the start (him buying things in the shop) and the end (him leaving the house with a person tied up).

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