Wednesday, September 14, 2016

PRACTICE MUSIC VIDEO #3 (Shot by Shot list)

1:Low angle of shoes running in the hallway, then you see a second pair of shoes running.
2: Medium shot of legs running in hallway
3: Long shot of Elvis running through a door
4: Medium shot of Elvis hiding behind the door
5: Long shot of the auditorium. Elvis walks up on stage.
6:Medium shot of Elvis holding the microphone. The music starts to play and and Elvis starts to sing. "The warden threw a party in the county jail"
7: Cuts to a low angle shot looking up at Elvis. "The Prison Band was there and they began to wail"
8: Medium shot of Elvis's back while he is dancing
9: Chorus starts. Over the shoulder of teacher walking through the door.
10: Long shot Elvis jumps of stage and runs out the door the teacher follows
11: Rats eye view of Elvis running down the corridor. with teacher wright behind.
12: Medium shot of Elvis running through a door.
13: Cuts to a medium shot of Elvis looking up.
14: A POV of Elvis looking up at a class working. The class looks up at him and start to dance.
15: Camera moves around the room to the intercoms and the camera moves into the intercom.
16: Camera moves out of the comes to another class room of 2 students dancing.
17: Cuts to a tracking shot of students dancing in rooms.
18: Elvis in a class room teacher walking in.
19: Teacher and Elvis run around table.
20: Another running scene
21: Elvis running out of school.
22: Fades to black.
23: Credits.

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