Tuesday, September 6, 2016

MUSIC VIDEO Eg5: David Duchovny-Hell or Highwater

Artist: David Duchovny
Album: (No album , First Song)
Song: Hell or Highwater
Released: 2015
Genre: Folk rock, Alternative rock

This is the first song from David Duchovny who is mostly famous for his acting in shows such as X-Files and Californication. As this is his first song he isn't signed on with a big record company, this means that the music video will have very little if any budget.

The music video is vary simple and doesn't have the same amount or level of special effects as some of the other music videos ive analysed. The video is black and white with the lyrics of the song appearing throughout the song. The lyrics that pop up are the opposite color of that which is initially in the video, so if the video is black then the lyrics will be white. This effects makes it easier to read throughout but does sometimes make a work hard to distinguish.

The music video has no narrative, the music video consists of shots put together of the band and signer recording the song as well as some shots of them walking around what looks to be the record company. Because of this the camera is all hand held.

The only time the video changes is when he sings the chorus. The video goes from him in the studio to what looks like old footage taken from a boat looking out at the sea. This footage is shown every time there is a chorus.

Not only is there a black and white filter but there is also a filter that makes the video look old and fading. This is to done to connect to the audience. The target audience are adults who grow up watching shows such as X-Files and there for the music video tries to connect with the audience through the "old tape" effect. Towards the end they show both clips of the sea and in the studio on-top of each other untill it fades out.

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