Saturday, September 3, 2016

MUSIC VIDEO Eg2: Eminem-Without Me

Artist: Eminem
Album: The Eminem Show 
Song: Without Me
Released: 2002
Genre: Rap

This is a very unique music video and is very well presented. The Music video follows a lot of rap music techniques if you will such as Rapper looking at the camera from a low angle or kneeling down at a high angle camera, fast editing and fast moving shots, etc.

This Music video follows a main narrative as well as a bunch of smaller TV Channel shots all featuring Eminem. The main narrative is set up as a comic book movie having Eminem as the main protagonist dressed as Robin (Batman's sidekick), but instead of and R on his chest its an E. They use pop up text to tell the narrative, and  the test is designed to look like a comic book. There are a lot more Batman comic book related shots such as the Batsignal in the sky or in this case an E, in the lyrics he says "nanananana" which refures back to the old 1966 batman as well as the scene when he is walking up the building in the same form as Adam West did in 1966.

The main narrative in this video is "Rap Boy" trying to stop a kid from listening to Eminems album without his parents knowing. Rap is a song genre that is mostly listened to buy young adults or teenagers, thats why this music video is designed to look like a comic because the main target audiences for comic books (especially in the time of this release) is whit males. To try and attract an older audience the video includes an Elvis impersonator and follows the style of batman 1966 instead of the newer Tim Burton batman.

The fast editing and change of location and characters is often used in rap and other videos aimed at teenagers as their attention span is small and needs something to make them keep watching. There is also a comedy aspect with the Elvis impersonator, and a talking cactus. The females are over sexualised to attract the young audience. Rap is mostly listened to by working class young adults, who are both black and white. There is also violence used for comedic purposes to attract the younger audience.

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