Monday, September 5, 2016

MUSIC VIDEO Eg4: Backstreet Boys- I want it that way

Artist: Backstreet Boys
Album: Millennium
Song: I want it that way
Released: 1999
Genre: Pop

Backstreet Boys is a Pop boy band who have been active since 1993. The music starts of with a fade in from white and pans down to the band, you can hear non-diegetic sound of a plane passing. As the camera pans down you can see the whole band walking in slow motion.

The narrative is very confusing as you dont know where it starts or where the middle is, the one think that makes sens is the end of the narrative as its at the end of the music video when they walk into the plane. The Location for the whole shoot is at an airport, either next to their plane or inside the airport.

As the music starts there are a lot of fade ins and outs to different locations and times. When someone starts to sing the camera mostly focuses on them but occasionally has the band in the background. This is very common among boy bands. When someone is singing the camera is often a close up of the singer. When the whole band is in shot the camera is often a long low angle shot.

There are a lot of morphs and transitions throughout the video. At one part the whole band can be seen but some of them disappear and then reappear again. While this is happening the back ground is in a time laps of people walking around the airport.

When the time laps sequence is happening they are all wearing white clothes. The corners of the shot are also fading which is common for this genre of music. Later on in the music video they have a choreographed dance which can also often be seen in this genre of music.

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