Friday, December 16, 2016

WEBSITE: Merchandise

For our website we created a merch site. In the merch site you can choose to buy merchandise that we have created for the band Bring Me The Horizon. Bronwen created the logo for the band as well as created the merch. At the moment we have six different merch items, 2 iPhone cases (black, white), 2 T-Shirts with a heart on it (Black, White) and 2 T-Shirts with the logo on (a small logo and a big logo). The reasons for using iPhone cases is beacuse most people own an iPhone and cases are very useful and because they are so small and cheap they are very often bought by fans.

Here you can see what they look like on the merch page.

When you first open the merch page you will see the six different products you can buy. When i am in the editing tool I can add new good or edit existing ones.
This is what the editing tool looks like.

When I click on a product it lets me add new or more pictures of the product and rename the product.

I can also change a lot of other things such as the price of the good, if the good is on sale or not, if the good is Out of Stock, the size on clothing and more.

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  1. Good - BUT you're not (a) making explicit how you're 'APPLYING RESEARCH' (link back to research post/s - or add such) or (b) making your thinking clear: WHY iPhone cases? Also - with tees, size range, any for kids/babies; any for women or all unisex?
    ' Bronwen created the logo for the band as well as created the merch.' - SO, again link to post/s on this (screenshotting part of any can also be useful).
    Make sure you share these comments with group, and they are aware of improved posts to re-copy