Sunday, December 11, 2016


A lyric video for the song Follow You by Bring Me The Horizon put together using the footage we filmed for the performance shoot. It was edited using Adobe Premiere Pro, and a three way color correction was used to have the footage look black and white while still showing the color blue.

Improvements for draft #2:

  • Sync the footage.
  • Colour correct: use red as well to clearly show intertextuality to Sin city. 

1 comment:

  1. as discussed: it doesn't really make sense not to synch this; a full, synched perf cut would be useful as a blankable (FCPX: just select + V to toggle visible or not; blade up to keep visible certain parts) master video track or layer to speed up cutting in perf footage with narrative
    make sure this is pushed on the social media; try to generate some hits by posting on friends feeds etc - and it really helps evidence purposeful use of technology if you share on specific fansites too - the fact its a lyric video, not a full vid with narrative, may help get positive feedback
    we discussed possible intertextuality, and it'd be a good touch to provide 2 colour corrected variants, red as well as the blue