Thursday, December 1, 2016

Performance Shoot Problems

This video shows a few of the shots we filmed for performance. These shots are shots that we can't use because there are either cameras in the background or the footage is to shaky.

  • The first clip the camera is clearly visible and the camera isn't to shore where to focus. We do have footage from this angle where these problems are fixed. 
  • The second clip the footage is to shaky and the camera is tilted which in some cases could work to get a message across but in this situation it doesn't work.
  • The third shot was filmed with a drone and therefor was hard to film with when I was the only one with experienced with flying but I am in the band. The problem was that one of the band members are hard to see and the drone moved which resulted in cropping out half of the other band member. I think the drone footage would be good to have as it expands the use of technology and can look very good if its done right. 
  • The last shot was filmed with a GoPro. Most of the GoPro footage can be used but this shot is to shaky.
  • In the last shot the drummer is seen smiling which is not what we want as we want them to be sad and angry. 
  • The things we really want to avoid next time is shaky camera, bad framing, and smiling.   

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  1. Please share with group.
    This is worth analysing further
    1st, is there any drone footage in this? If so use titles to make that very clear. You can also add captions through YouTube.
    Consider the positive elements of this too:
    verisimilitude? (props, costume, but also body language)
    You can also pick up on further things to avoid in a reshoot (requiring director to speak up): Euan grins in one of these shots - do you want that? You might want 'behind the scenes' goofing around shots as an option, but be clear on how you want performers to act.

    I'd encourage you to persevere with the drone idea - great social media/website content, and a good means of getting into changing production through digitisation (CONVERGENCE specifically), also then v useful for exam Q1a work. If you don't think its do-able at all for band (though looking at the framing, with you at the left edge...), then maybe target some additional narrative shots?