Wednesday, February 15, 2017

MUSIC VIDEO Eg6: alt-J - Hunger of The Pine

Artist: alt-J
Album: This Is All Yours (2014)
Genre: Alternative/Indie
Song: Hunger of The Pine

The music video is just narrative and follows a man running through the woods as arrows are flying past him. The video is in one main location with two different areas, 1 being in the woods and the other outside of the woods in a field. The video is in one continuity and is mostly in slow mo. As the man keeps running he gets shot by arrows but keeps running. the clips that are at normal speed are all long shot or medium long shot so you can see all the arrows sticking out of the man. The slow mo first stops when the "drop" hits as hes running out of the forest filmed using a drone.

There a a bunch of different shots uses from long shots to close ups and they cut back and forth. when he is first in the woods there is a lot of drone footage which is made to look like the POV of an eagle. At the end of the video there is a POV shot with diegetic sound as the flaming arrows are flying through the air.

The video looks very good visually and thats why we decided to have a running through the woods sequence like in this video. We took inspiration not only the location but also the use of slow mo while he is running as this looks good.

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