Tuesday, February 7, 2017

General Conventions: Throne Rough Cut 4

At 1:25 to 1:29 there are 3 different shots used. These shots create verisimilitude and authenticity as you can see the singer and bass guitarist play and sing. These shots are medium to medium close up and  two of the shots are tilted up at the performer. This might get people to want to go and see the band perform live as the from the POV of the audience at a concert they would be looking up at the performers.

In our music video from 1:29 to 1:33 you can see some general music video conventions. The shot is a medium close up which is often used in music video. The shot is also in reverse which is a good SFX. The shot lasts for 4 seconds and is also leads up to the drop. The shot is very slow in the start with nothing really happening but then it looks like its speed up to lead up to the drop. The costume is also different from what can be seen in other shots of the music video. The scene also shows intertextuality to the song Up In The Air - Thirty Seconds To Mars.

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