Wednesday, February 8, 2017

List of Intertextuallity

In our music video you can see a lot of intertextuality from different bands. In the first 2 pictures you can see the used of color powder and framing is almost identical. So not to copy it we used a different color than purple.
Our Video: 1:30
Song: Up In The Air by Thirty Seconds to Mars

Intertextuallity can also be seen in the long shots of the band performance. The location is the same but we have more performance and was shot during the day.
Our Video: 0:36
Song: Ride by Twenty One Pilots 0:21

There is also a shot using a wide lens to capture the Guitarist playing. In the actual video they are on stage ad you can see the crowd but in our video we are not performing live.
Our Video: 1:42
Song: Thunderstruck by AC/DC 0:08

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