Monday, April 3, 2017

Evaluation Question 3B - Distributions

3B "How would your products be distributed as real media products?" 


Our products would most likely by distributed the same way BMTH is distributed which is through their record label company RCA. RCA is a subsidiary of Sony Corporations which is one of the big 3. Just like the big 6 in movie distribution music has the big 3 which are the 3 record company's with the largest market share (More here). RCA which is most famous for signing Elvis has a bunch of signings and because its a subsidiary of Sony it means that they can distribute the product easily through Sony's Horizontal and Vertical integration.
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Physical sales have dropped massively over the last few years with the introduction of streaming services such as Spotify now domination the music market. Even with the rising trend of Vinyl lately it is still no match for streaming. This is why we integrated a link to both spotify and iTunes from our website and we also have it so you can test listen to some of the tracks before you buy them on iTunes.

Even though physical sales are falling bands are still creating and selling cd, digipaks and some like BMTH sell Vinyl. For our album we created a digipak as well as a Vinyl. The vinyl design was directly inspired by the "THATS THE SPIRIT" vinyl. Whats impotent when marketing your product is Social media. Social media has changed how marketing is done as web 2.0 has turned the audience into consumers and are now more or less creating the ads for the band. Its important for a band to stay active on social media as it takes only a second to interact with the audience and therefor makes it easy to promote new products as well as tickets for upcoming concerts.
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We posted links to our website through social media to where they can buy tickets for concerts as well get a chance to win prices. We also created a music video which will be up on Youtube which is an effective way to distribute media as it is free and reaches people all around the world. With the change in technology it has made it easy for audiences to create stuff of their own and is why you see lyric videos as well as gifs.

Unboxing videos is another way that fans interact with the producer as it is advertising the bands product without the band paying them. Even though most people would stream the music there are people who are collectors or just like the feel of a physical copy that will buy the vinyl or digipak. Thats why its important to make the digipak special which is why we had a nice design and added a sticker saying you get bonus tracks.

Originally we where going to use a prop gun and have the video end just before he pulls the trigger, we decided against this as this would have increased the age rating of our video making it harder to distribute.  There is more detail about why we didn't use it here. The BBFC is who rates videos in the UK I did specific BMTH research on their videos and the age rating they got. Even though BMTH target audience is 15 and up we wanted the music video to at least get a 12 so it would be easier to distribute and could be played on TV and YouTube without having to be blocked.

Interview "Le Resevoir"

We interviewed an employee that works at "Le Resevoir" in Luxembourg city. "Le Resevoir" is a shop that started of selling CDs and Vinyl but has expanded to other products such as Comic books, Video Games and Movies. We asked the shop keeper about the effects of Piracy and the increasing sales of Vinyl.

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