Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Evaluation Question 1A - Conventions

1A "How do your product use or challenge conventions?"

When it comes to music videos there are many conventions. Some are there by accident such as the Male Gaze theory which was coined by Laura Mulvey, and then there are some which are done on purpose to attract the target audience or secondary audiences such as intertextuality. When deciding on convention in a music video it is important to consider Stuart Halls theory on audience which consists of the theory that what a produce sends out to the audience will be interperated differently by different social groups.

We did a lot of research on other music videos of both genre specific and just music videos in general to see what we needed and wanted to add in our video. Sophie talk more in detail about each theorist that I am discussing. A very important feature to take into consideration when making a music video is Andrew Goodwins theory of the links between lyrics and visuals. When creating the video we decided on having some links between visuals and lyrics. The most obvious one being when the singer says the word "Ocean" we see the singer fall in water.

We also included intertextuality in our video to attract the primary and secondary audience. One of the intertexualitys we have in our video is the color powder scene. The color powder scene was inspired by 30 Seconds to Mars - Up in the air where a group of people through color powder at each other.

Originally we had planed on doing a group shot of people throwing color powder but due to some issues it ended up only being used with the main singer. We also have intertextuality to Alt-Js video "Hunger of the Pine" and "Running by Naughty boy". For more on what intertextualitys we used click here.

In most music videos there is a narrative story which runs parallel to the performance. There are two types of narratives fragmented and linear. We decided to have a linear narrative as this was more conventional for the genre and we felt it fitted more with the songs. However at the end of our music video we created enigma at the end of our video. The end of our video is non-diegetic and it shows the main singer of the band listening to the song while the girl walks past. This creates enigma as the audience dont know if  this is the start of the relationship or if he just dream about it. It also creates the enigma which is if the main male protagonist is actually in the band or if he just imagined it as he was listening to the song.

When we started designing the digipak I got most the inspiration from the logo of the THATS THE SPIRIT album by Bring Me The Horizon. You can see the first plan here. The use of only a 2 sided digipak was inspired from many digipaks as its one of the most common but as a reference we used "The Resistance" by Muse as I had a physical copy of it.
We kept looking at other digipaks for ideas and thats when I was inspired by Kaleo A/B. You can read about what else inspired the hand print on our digipak here.

In our website we also did a lot of research to see what conventions where most common in websites, so for example the amount of link lists and what their layout was.
We desided to have 6 link lists including the Home button as the most common where 5 to 7 we also decided to use the word "merch" instead of merchandise or store as merch is shorter and therefor looks better on the site and it was more commonly used on websites with the same target audience such as Bullet for My Valentine. You can read what else we did here.

We focused a lot on creating merchandise for our website as it is one of the things that still create a high revenue for bands and artists unlike CDs. Thats why we decided to create different merch such as T-shirt, Dog tags, Snap back, baby clothes and more.

This is a list of where we got our inspiration:


You Me At Six - Stay With Me

Asking Alexandria - Here I Am

Twenty One Pilots - Ride

Our video


30 Seconds To Mars - Up in the Air

Kesha - Take it Off

Our video


Panic At The Disco - This is Gospel 

Naughty Boy ft. Beyonce - Runnin

Our Video


Alt-J - Hunger of the Pine

Our Video 


30 Seconds To mars  - Up In The Air

Our video

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