Saturday, March 11, 2017

BV: Digipak: Final Draft

This is the final draft for our digipak. I used a digipak template that i found online and copied it into photoshop.

I created the spine using this template rather than in a separate document. The spine was mainly inspired by the spine for "The Resistance" by Muse. 
I had the spine running from the front cover. This was because the main three examples that i looked at had this feature. 
I felt that it would also flow better from front to back rather than the other way round. I did not add our logo onto the spine however, as it features on the front cover and i thought that the name of the band would suffice for the spine. Our spine is also a very thin spin as we only have 2 inner panels, and digipaks with 3 inner panels would usually have a larger spine. 

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