Thursday, October 13, 2016

BV: Treatment

We are creating a music video for the song ‘Follow You’ by Bring Me the Horizon. Our group consists of Bronwen, Kristian and Sophie. The brief of our project is to create a music video, a website and a digipak.

To summarise our idea, we will combine both performance and concept and will also include some aspects of a narrative. We are going to have the band performing in an abandoned location and also outside. We will also have the lead singer in other locations such as a bathroom and bathtub. There will be a female protagonist who will actually be a ghost, and we will achieve this through different editing techniques such as layering. The lead singer will slowly grow more and more crazy, thinking about the girl. The female character could actually be someone in his life who passed away or just be representative of a relationship ending. We will use colour powder and black balloons during certain scenes.

We took inspiration from a great variety of music videos by various artists and genres. As examples, we were inspired by the use of colour in Up in the air by 30 Seconds to Mars and in Bagboy by Pixies. We were also inspired by Jo, a previous media studies student from our school, as we really liked his use of layering.

As the mise-en-scene of our music video will be crucial in obtaining a professional and believable final product, as well as achieving verisimilitude, we put a lot of thought into it. For the band members, our inspiration came from bands such as Bring Me the Horizon themselves, the 1975, My Chemical Romance and Fall out Boy. We will dress the members in black ripped skinny jeans and black jackets, ripped t-shirts and black boots/sneakers. The lead singer, and also perhaps the female protagonist will have skull face paint on their faces, inspired by the TV show, American Horror Story. Some members will be wearing eyeliner and we have also ordered some materials in which we can create temporary tattoos to put on the band members necks and arms. Bronwen will design and draw these tattoos as she is an art student who has designed tattoos before. The female protagonist’s makeup and outfit was inspired by the female characters in the Fall out Boy song, My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark. She will be wearing black skinny jeans and a leather jacket, along with dark, smokey eye makeup and dark red lipstick.    

Our location will be in/ around an abandoned steel mill in Esch. We will find out information about filming there and if needed, obtain permission to.     

We held casting sessions where we filmed students from our school willing to audition for the roles (either of the female protagonist or a band member) and those who we thought would be well suited for the video.

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