Wednesday, October 26, 2016

WEBSITE: #1 Starting

We created the website on the 21th of October but we didn't start to edit it till October the 25th (View Here). One of the first things we did was add Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube to the links list in the top. Wix gives you a templet to work with when you first start a website. The picture you see above is what the website looks like now on the front page.

We added a small the genre and name of the band and it created a small summary for us to use. There are three pictures that are on a slider which we have not chosen. We still need to learn how to use the website as if you scroll down there are three of the same "posts".

There are three of the same "buy album posts" where you can listen to the tracks on the album as well as buy the album. We will probably end up using this if we can use Bring Me The Horizon music instead of the default tracks that have been provided.

Lower down on the web page there are tour dates that also have been provided for us. They are random dates and locations which if we can get to have Bring Me The Horizon dates we might use.

At the bottom there is a "Shop" with random products and random prices set for us.

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